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The brain is the crown of creation for its complex and pivotal role in life. Therefore, better treatments for brain diseases need a detailed understanding of its anatomy and dynamic function in order to refine and invent new techniques and paradigms for previously untreatable conditions.


National Skull Base Foundation performs Research and Development in order to promote a better understanding of the brain and to develop modern technical techniques and instruments for a more sophisticated care of brain lesions. It has multiple ongoing clinical trials and production of more than 10 publications, book chapters and presentation each year.

National Skull Base Foundation is an active member of cerebrovascular research and development and is focused towards newest treatment protocols and techniques for the management of cerebrovascular disorders in both open surgery and endovascular fields. We not only take part in leading clinical trials but also promote education and research through active participation in leading national conferences and meetings.

Skull base surgery is part of neurological surgery. Fellowship training is required for a trained neurosurgeon in order to be subspecialized in skull base surgery. Brain, nerves and vessels to the brain are contained within the bony skull. Nerves and vessel to the brain leave the brain throughout the natural orifices of the skull at its base. Hence, skull base surgery deals with special surgical approaches to the bony skull base, in order to provide access to difficult areas of the brain that might have a tumor or a vascular disease such as an Aneurysm or an Arteriovenous Malformation.

We at National Skull Base Foundation, are actively involved in Skull base, Neurovascular and Neuro-intervention research to promote and understand modern techniques and management protocols. To develop new instruments and integrate new modern approaches, we are part of multiple clinical trials which are supported by leading industries and physicians nationwide.

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