Fellowship & Observership



National Skull Base Foundation is focused on educating and training the future generation of leading Neurosurgeons, Neurologists and Neuroscientists. With participation in leading clinical and basic science research, national conferences and meetings, NSBF provides an excellent opportunity for a non-accredited clinical and research fellowship. The fellows at NSBF are involved in performing research under the direct supervision of the faculty. The fellowship at NSBF also requires its fellows to involve in multiple clinical research projects, which includes writing and submitting manuscripts and attending national conferences for presentations.


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National Skull Base Foundation provides an opportunity of Clinical Observership to medical students and graduates to observe patient care in a health care setting without touching the patients. The clinical observes will get the prospects of physician-patient interaction including history taking, physical examination, diagnoses work-up, patient management discussion and counseling under direct supervision of the attending physician.

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